Crack Filling

B&G offers crack filling solutions for both parking lots and driveways. Crack filling plays an important role in pavement preservation.  Filling cracks will prevent water and moisture from seeping into the asphalt and expanding cracks further. This step will help in preventing pot holes from developing over time. Hot tar crack filling is a cost effective measure to prevent cracks from expanding into more costly repairs down the road. B&G Sealcoating uses a premium grade polymer-based material that is applied at 375 degrees, which bonds with the sides of the crack. In most situations, traffic can drive over freshly sealed cracks in as little as 10 minutes.

Why crack fill?

  • Prevents water from penetrating into the pavement.
  • Prevents weeds and vegetation from growing in exposed cracks.
  • Prevents pot holes from developing in pavement.
  • We have the necessary equipment to properly clean out cracks prior to sealing.